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dhanvantari yANTRA


god of ayurveda

​The Yantra is a great cosmic energy ladder, an antenna of nature, a powerful tool for harmony, prosperity, success, health, yoga and meditation! Yantras consist of a series of geometric patterns that have the power to increase the energy field.

Based on the recipe of the ancient Ayurvedic medicine for the production of somah essences the Dhanvantri Yantra and the vibration of the Dhanvantri Mantra was used. In this way the essence also contains information about the ancient art of healing.

It is believed that the science of Ayurveda has been passed down from the Vedic scriptures for generations. If health problems arise, prayers are addressed to Lord Dhanvantri. The Dhanvantrai Yantra contains the strength and vibration that can heal the body and the soul.


Lord Dhanvantri is seen as the father of Ayurveda medicine. He is the ultimate healer and the kindest Lord who removes all fears and diseases from the humanity. As a Vishnu Avatar, he is depicted with four hands holding Shankha (conch) and a and a pot containing rejuvenating nectar called somah on the left side. On the right he is holding Jalauka (leech) and Yantra (mystical heeling diagram).

Chanting some of the most powerful mantras of Lord Dhanvantri will help alleviate the sufferings of humans and promote happiness and prosperity.


 „Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha Hastaaya Sarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya Dhanvantri Mahavishnave Namaha.”


Mantra Meaning:

I bow down to Lord Dhanvantri, the Lord with four hands carrying a conch, discuss a leech and a pot of immortal nectar. In his heart shines a pleasing and brilliant blaze of light. The light is also seen shining around his head and beautiful lotus eyes. His divine play destroys all diseases like a blazing forest fire.

Meditation Dhanvantari.jpg

How to Chant Dhanvantri Mantras:

The best time to chant this mantra is before and during sunrise. Take bath and use a lotus bead or crystal rosary to keep the mantra chanting count. Chant the mantra in multiples of 108 and increase the count as the days go by.

it is said that chanting of Dhanvantri mantra could help in improving the vitality and energy levels in humans. It could also help to attain the natural state of well-being and to remove the mental fears. Whenever the mantra is chanted, its divine energies touch you and work on your body, mind and soul with a healing touch. The more it is chanted, the more is its positive and healing effects.

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