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everything is vibration


Behind soma essence is a team that combines more than 20 years of experience in spiritual practice with vibrational medicine and homeopathy. The soma essence draws from the knowledge, experience and influence in teaching and teaching yoga, from staying in Vedic temples for several years, from studying Vedic scriptures and Sanskrit. Intensive years of studying spiritual practices also gave us knowledge about the workings of 'Sacred Geometry' and the effect of transcendental sound vibrations on human consciousness.


Our interest in and experience in vibration medicine goes back decades. We combine knowledge of Bach flowers with professional activity in the development of homeopathic remedies. This wealth of experience not only shapes our being and our beliefs, but also allows us to bring high-quality essences and products to life with all due care and for the benefit of the spiritual and energetic harmonization and activation of chakras and energy centers.

Paare, die auf dem Strand meditieren
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