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everything is vibration



The soma essence has built vibrational energy on the three pillars of vibrational medicine: the power of nature as tincture of the plants, the spring water from the Swiss Alps as the information carrier and the the sacred healing diagram, Dhanvantari Yantra, which amplifies the vibration field. The composites of these three healing powers increase the vibration of the energy field and in this way increase the vitality and balance of the organism.

The energies in the living organisms such as plants, gems, crystals, sacred geometric shapes (yantra), sunlight and even the foods we eat are used and stored in water as carriers of vibrational information.

the vibrational Meditcine

For example, Bach flower therapy is assigned to vibrational medicine in naturopathy. As Bach himself wrote, "Flower essences heal by not attacking the disease but flooding our body with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts like snow in sunshine." ​The flower essences contain no active ingredients, they are purely energetic and therefore cannot conflict with medication, but they can help bring about profound changes. ​


Everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. Thoughts, emotions, colors, written and spoken words and sounds are also vibrational frequencies. Since everything vibrates at a different frequency, everything has its own unique energetic fingerprint. Positive emotions, thoughts, words, plants and other things that occur in nature all vibrate at a higher frequency. And negative thoughts, words, drugs, processed foods, and illnesses vibrate at a lower frequency.

The aura, or the vibration of the energy field of the physical body, is determined from different levels of vibration in the body. These vibrational levels are called "chakras" and the chakras are located at specific locations in the physical body and energy field. There are a total of 114 chakras in our body, i.e. energy centers, seven of which are the main energy fields. Analogous to the arrangement of the seven main chakras along the spine, there are important glands and nerve centers in the physical body. It is said that the chakras influence our perceptions, our feelings and even our decisions ​ Staying at a lower frequency for an extended period of time can create a "malaise" in the body, which can manifest as illness of the mind or body. Using vibrational essences as a tool can help support your energy and raise your frequency.

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